Benjamin of Greystones, otherwise known as Ben, is a kinsman of Hugh of Harrowfield and a close friend. He is with Red when he fishes Sorcha out of the water in Erin and although he claims that Red is making a bad decision in taking her back to Erin, he grows fond of her and becomes one of Sorcha's friends in Harrowfield. He enjoys teasing her much like Diarmid does and flirts with her in a playful way. He looks out for Sorcha and makes sure she is not alone for long and is cared for.

Ben helps Red marry Sorcha secretly before Red goes to find Simon. Ben continues to look out for Sorcha, on Red's orders. When Sorcha is found in the arms of a man from Erin, Ben is shocked and horrified, believing that she has been unfaithful to Red. Soon he realises that Sorcha would never betray Red like that because their love is too strong. Ben tries to tell Richard of Northwoods, who has arrested Sorcha for witchcraft and treason, and others that Sorcha is innocent and that Sorcha would never hurt Red, but no one listens to him. Ben then sets off after Red to bring him back in time to prove Sorcha's innocence. Ben catches up with Red, who has found Simon and is bringing him back to Harrowfield. Ben tells Red of Sorcha's plight and they ride like the wind to make it there to interrupt the execution. Red is furious with Ben for leaving Sorcha alone at Harrowfield, and Ben takes a beating for it.

Afterwards, Ben helps Red organise passage for Sorcha and her brothers across the sea to Erin, and tells them of what has been happening. He escorts Sorcha and her brothers to the ship with Simon and Red, and watches them leave and says goodbye to Sorcha, who promises to tell his jokes to her brothers when they return to Erin. Months later, Red leaves Harrowfield to be with Sorcha and gives his title to Simon. Ben stays at Harrowfield and helps Simon with his duties as Lord of Harrowfield.