Character Description
Name Fainne
Age 16 (in Child of the Prophecy)
Gender Female
Title The Child of the Prophecy
Ethnicity Erin, Briton, Fair Folk
Alias Curly (by Darragh)
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Mulberry
Height Average
Mother Niamh (II)
Father Ciaran
Siblings None
Children Danny (II), Niamh (III)
Other relations Colum (paternal grandfather/maternal great-grandfather)

Lady Oonagh (paternal grandmother)

Niamh (maternal great-grandmother)

Hugh of Harrowfield (maternal grandfather)

Sorcha (paternal aunt/maternal grandmother)

Simon of Harrowfield (maternal great-uncle)

Liam, Diarmid, Cormack, Conor, Finbar, Padriac (paternal uncles/maternal great-uncles)

Conri (paternal uncle)

Sean (paternal cousin/maternal uncle)

Liadan (paternal cousin/maternal aunt)

Aisha, Fernando, Carmen, Dolores, Luis, Juan (paternal cousins/maternal cousins once removed)

Muirrin, Deirdre, Clodagh, Maeve, Sibeal, Eilis, Finbar, Johnny, Fintan, Cormack, Coll (paternal cousins once removed/maternal cousins)

Emer, Oisin, Ronan, Firinne, unnamed boy, unnamed girl (paternal cousins twice removed/maternal cousins once removed)

Significant Other Darragh (husband)
Residence The Needle

Fainne is the main character of the third book of the Sevenwaters series, Child of the Prophecy. She is the daughter of Niamh and Ciarán, a couple that met in the second book, Son of the Shadows.


Early LifeEdit

For most of her childhood, Fainne was raised in a strict druidic environment in an isolated cove in Kerry. Although Fainne did not know it, her father was preparing her so when the time came she would be able to stand watch in the Needle. Her father also taught her as much as he could about the magic that she had inherited from him, so that she could control it. When Fainne was still an infant her mother apparently committed suicide by jumping to her death from the top of the Honeycomb. Years later, during the final battle for the Islands, it is discovered that Fainne's mother was murdered by Lady Oonagh. 

In Child of the ProphecyEdit

Ciaran sends Fainne to Sevenwaters, to meet her relatives for the first time. Before she goes, he sends for Lady Oonagh to teach Fainne how to behave herself in such a household. Lady Oonagh has other plans. She commands Fainne to go to Sevenwaters and kill the Child of the Prophecy. When Fainne protests, the Lady Oonagh threatens to kill Ciaran if Fainne does not do what the Lady Oonagh wants. During her stay at Sevenwaters Fainne comes to care for the family there, but soon  realizes that anyone she befriends would be in danger. After Fainne is influenced to start a fire near the building where the druids are staying which seriously injures her ten-year-old cousin Maeve, she is guilt-ridden and is treated with suspicion because everyone knows she is a sorceress. When she goes to Inis Eala, where the men are preparing for the final battle for the Islands, she meets Finbar, her uncle, and with his help she realizes that she has the power to stand up to the Lady Oonagh, and that the necklace limits her magical abilities. Fainne travels as a bird to the Islands on the day of the battle. Eventually she defeats the Lady Oonagh and it is discovered that she is the Child of the Prophecy. She goes to the Needle to stand watch there for the rest of her life.


Fainne remains on the Islands for the rest of her life and is unable to leave. Darragh joins her there and they have two children, Danny and Niamh. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Fainne is small and slight, with pale skin and mulberry eyes framed by long red hair. She has a scar on her shoulder from when she was pecked by Fiacha as a child, thereby marking her as the child of the prophecy. One of her ankles is twisted and deformed due to the nature of her conceivement. 





Despite Ciaran's solitary and stern personality, Fainne and Ciaran have a very close and loving father-daughter relationship. When Oonagh tells Fainne of her intentions of destroying the Fair Folk and the child of the prophecy, Fainne agrees to do as she wishes only because Oonagh is threatening Ciaran's life. 

Family Tree  Edit

  • Father: Ciaran
  • Mother: Niamh
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Darragh
  • In-laws:
    • Mother-in-law: Peg Walker
    • Father-in-law: Dan Walker
    • Siblings-in-law:
  • Children:
    • Danny
    • Niamh
  • Grandchildren:
    • None as yet


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