Aus Flame Sevenwaters
Character Description
Name Maeve
Age 10 (Child of the Prophecy)

21 (Flame of Sevenwaters)

Gender Female
Title None
Ethnicity Erin, Briton
Alias None
Physical Description
Skin colour Pale
Hair Colour Red
Eye Colour Green
Height Short
Mother Aisling
Father Sean of Sevenwaters
Siblings Muirrin, Clodagh, Deirdre, Sibeal, Eilis, Finbar
Children None
Other relations Colum (paternal great-grandfather)

Niamh (paternal great-grandmother)

Seamus Redbeard (maternal great-grandfather)

Hugh of Harrowfield (paternal grandfather)

Sorcha (paternal grandmother)

Eamonn of the Marshes (maternal grandfather)

Eilis Redbeard (maternal grandmother)

Simon of Harrowfield, Liam, Diarmid, Cormack, Conor, Finbar, Padriac, Ciarán (paternal great-uncles)

Niamh, Liadan (paternal aunts)

Fainne (paternal aunt/paternal cousin)

Eamonn (maternal uncle)

Johnny, Fintan, Cormack, Coll (cousins)

Aisha, Fernando, Carmen, Dolores, Luis, Juan (paternal cousins once removed)

Oisin, Ronan, unnamed boy (nephews)

Emer, Firinne, unnamed girl (nieces)

Significant Other Artagan (husband)
Allegiance Sevenwaters, Harrowfield
Residence Sevenwaters (formerly), Harrowfield (formerly)
Maeve is the fourth daughter of Lord Sean and Lady Aisling. She is the female protagonist of Flame of Sevenwaters.


Early LifeEdit

Maeve lived in Sevenwaters until she was ten years old. When she was ten her cousin Fainne came to visit. Maeve was seriously burnt in a fire that Fainne caused in the barracks where the druids were sleeping, and Maeve went in to save her dog Bounder, who died anyway. Her sister Muirrin tried to heal the burns but did not succeed, so Maeve was sent to Harrowfield to receive treatment from her Aunt Liadan, who was a renowned healer. Maeve stayed at Harrowfield for ten years. There she learned that she had an amazing ability to  calm a horse down using just her voice, and helped train horses in the stables.   

Flame of SevenwatersEdit

Ten years after the fire that caused her disability, Maeve returns to Sevenwaters, accompanying a skittish horse, Swift, to make sure he does not panic and injure himself during the journey.  

Physical appearanceEdit

Maeve has green eyes, and curly red hair like her mother's. She has serious burn scars on the backs of her hands and on her forehead, which she usually covers. Her hands are crippled due to her injuries, so she must make use of a maidservant to help her with her daily tasks.  





Family TreeEdit


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