Seamus Redbeard is the Lord of Glencarnagh and the father of Eilis.


In Daughter of the ForestEdit

Seamus betroths Eilis to Liam, the heir to Sevenwaters, early in the novel, and both parties are pleased with the arrangement. However, Liam disappears from Sevenwaters soon afterwards, and Seamus has no choice but to end the betrothal and marry Eilis off to the first Eamonn of the Marshes, to ensure that he has at least one ally he can rely on.

Years later, Liam and his brothers return to Sevenwaters. Seamus Redbeard visits and works with Liam to secretly assassinate Eamonn of the Marshes, who proves to be a traitor to Erin. Seamus continues to ally with Sevenwaters and they help each other whenever possible. After Eilis' death, Seamus and Liam raise her children Eamonn and Aisling together and ensure that they are not enemies of Sevenwaters.